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The history of German Shepherd

Some of us like certain dog breeds for their appearance while others for their intelligence and loyalty. German Shepherd is a particular type characterized by strong detection abilities and intuition. The history of these dogs shows that there are many reasons to considering them the best pets you could ever have.


The most important moments from the history of German Shepherd

German Shepherd is believed to have its origins in Europe back in 1850, when scientists were trying to find a way of standardizing certain types of dogs who could work. Max von Stephanit managed to find the perfect dog for working, and his name was Horand. This puppy had incredible herding sheep abilities, impressing everyone with his rare intelligence. Besides this, he was highly appreciated for a strong loyalty sense and courage. At this point, Von Stephanit decided to create “The society of Shepherd Dog”. He registered Horand as the first dog pertaining to this breed, following to establish the characteristics of this race.

Since then, the number of puppies belonging to German Shepherd breed grew constantly. They remarked themselves through the working skills they have, managing to get involved in police or army and even in different rescue missions. You often see them in movies as partners of a police officer. If in the past these puppies were used to take care of sheep or other animals that live in herds, today they work in federal institutions. These dogs are not only great police officers, so to say, but also devoted friends. So, when you need a good loyal friend, get a German Shepherd.

Dogs belonging to German Shepherd breed are special not only for their owner but also for the entire humanity. Their work in Police department had brought essential progress in solving difficult cases that were threatening our safety.