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Multi-Ich . Uragan Braudag

/ Multi.Ich.Edbrios blue Ivanhoe + Multi.Ich. Jacqueline Braudag /

The breeding station BRAUDAG was established on 15th January 1968. At this time we used to training and breed the German shepherds.The first bitch of KERRY BLUE TERRIER we brought in 1968 from Germany from the breeder Mrs. SIEGRID ROLLE. The name of the bitch was ISABEL v.d. KERRY KLAUSE.The champion ISABEL was very successfull in the exhibitions. She had just one litter with very successfull dog URIAN ARKUN of the breeder and judge Mrs. VOTAVOVA.

In 1986 we finally decided to turn to breeding the beautiful Kerry Blue Terriers. So we brought nice bitch ARA v MODRE TRAVE, the sister of the interchampions from breeding station "V MODRE TRAVE". Their coalfaces came from the breeding station MODROVOUS of Mrs. LEDEREROVA. ARA was daughter of the dog YANIK MODROVOUS, who is son of the famous father LOUISBURGH MOWING THE WIND and mother WENDY MODROVOUS, daughter of the German dog ROY v.d. CANIS BURG.

Other puppies from the breeding station BRAUDAG you can also find in the stations of the breeders in Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Izrael,Netherlands, Austria, USA-Ohio and finally in Japan (Kawasaki).

TESSY was great mother and she raised many champions. In the next year 1989 we have got the great dog HENRY v. MELLENSEE from the German breeder Mr. GRUEHN. The father of HENRY was ICH. XAMBO v. HERZOGSCHLOSS CELLE and the mother TARA v. HERZOGSCHLOSS CELLE - the granddaughter of the LOUISBURGH MOVING THE WIND.

The CH. HENRY (The Middle-Europe champion) passed on his puppies narrow heads, great characters and the beautiful movement. He had tests for hunting dogs in the first degree too. From the service of HENRY and TESSY come among others ICH.XENIE BRAUDAG, ICH.ARABELLA BRAUDAG, CH. CARDINÁL BRAUDAG, CH. XIMENA BRAUDAG. Finally we kept ICH.XENIE BRAUDAG and ICH.ARABELLA BRAUDAG for next breeding . They both have been very successful in exhibitions and also in the breeding.

From service of ICH. XENIE BRAUDAG and ICH. LAWRENCE MODROVOUS came two litters "E" and "F".From the litter "E" in 1997 came unfortunatelly just one dog ICH. ELKER BRAUDAG, who is successful in exhibition. From the litter "F" in 1998 came two successful dogs in exhibitions - the bitch CH. FANTAGHIRO BRAUDAG and the dog ICH. FARAON BRAUDAG. We decided to keep FANTAGHIRO for next breeding.


What’s good about German shepherds

Having a pet is the best thing ever. Animals you take into your life and spend time with you become your best friends over time. As far as dogs are concerned, there are numerous breeds you can consider according to your available space as well as other factors. Today, we will discuss the situation in which you choose to have a German shepherd as your best pet friend to see what is good about these dogs and how to enjoy the time spent with them in the best way possible. Moreover, you can also discover such insights from any gorgeous escort you meet that has such a dog bringing joy into her life already.

German shepherds: distinct personality, special friends

As far as this breed is concerned, the main good thing about them is that they feature a distinct and unique personality that makes them special friends for beautiful escorts from https://www.eros.com/ and any other humans to have around. These are fearless and direct dogs but not hostile ones as some might say. They attract attention through their posture and self-confidence yet are not dangerous to anyone as long as they do not feel threatened in any way or face any mistreatments.

Their unique expression makes them look serious and funny at the same time. This makes many people such as the smart escorts from EROS to choose them as pet companions in life. They do not easily become friends with anyone but once you have established a connection with them they will love you unconditionally for a very long time. You just need to spend some time and be patient for the dog to get used to living in new conditions and having new friends around.

Moreover, any German shepherd you have seen alongside a stunning escort must have attracted your attention for being quietly standing and easily approachable in her presence. This is because they have gained their trust and are now easy to handle everywhere they go. Some people also rely on the advice and expertise of professional trainers that can make these dogs become highly sociable in just a few training sessions.

The ideal German shepherd: important features

No dog can become an ideal one overnight, no matter its breed. However, for those who love German Shepherds for their appearance and behavior, it is not impossible to train them to become the most loyal and friendly pets you have ever seen.

Good looking escorts who have spent a lot of time with such dogs are the clear proof that this is possible. Although they are believed to be kind of difficult in terms of temperament, the positive thing about them is that you can train them. You can build confidence and a special connection that will make them the best dogs to have around yourself, your family members, children, and friends.

All you need is time and the patience to do so either alone, relying on the advice of previous owners and an attractive escort or professional dog trainers. Another great thing about these dogs is that they are highly agile, smart and feature a stable and confident temperament upon training.

Moreover, the German shepherd is a strong, natural-looking and athletic creature that will bring joy into your life every day. Every gorgeous escort who has one will tell you all about the way in which this pet thrives on challenging exercise and activities. It is exceptionally versatile and loyal and can be taught to do almost anything. This means that it can easily become the perfect dog for your family!